10 Best Pets For Your Kid To Consider !

Complete your family with these wonderful creatures !!

Pets can be the best companion to your kids. No one can deny the mesmerism of those cute pets and the cuddles that you get from them. A pet is probably the best gift that you give your kid s apart from fun; the pets develop a feeling of sharing, caring, responsibility and love in your kid. While caring for the pet, you will realize that your little champs have turned into a responsible guardian to them.

It has been observed that the kids raised with pets tend to be more patient and calm. Looking at the importance, many parents get a cute and adorable pet home so that their kids can get a great companion. We are listing 10 pets that you can have for your kids and cheer them up to the fullest.

  1. Dog:  The most loved pet ! Who doesn’t love this adorable animal? Here are the reason why you should get a dog home:
  • Very much adaptive to human behaviors
  • Quick on learning
  • Tend to be very alert & protective towards the owner.

However, these cute packets of joy have some cons too:

  • Need intensive care and proper feeding.
  • Not all breeds are friendly; they can bite or scratch you in panic.

  1. Cats : This notorious pet is loved by kids. Cats are a great choice if your kid wants something fluffy & mischief partner. Having cats is a pleasure because:
  • Cats are generally calm and are non troubling pet.
  • Cats tend to be indulging in themselves, so if your kid likes watching more than playing;  Cat is a good choice.

Cats can be challenging to handle as:

  • Cats are more sensitive and have more chances to get allergies.
  • Cats easily get angry and defensive.


  1. Birds: Birds are a real treat to ears and eyes both. Some of them look colorful and beautiful and some birds make your home melodious with their trills. Here is how birds can cheer up your family:
  • Birds can be the best choice if your kid doesn’t like much physical involvement
  • Birds do not harm generally
  • Birds are always good to see and they please you while being in their cages.

Birds can be troublesome when:

  • You lake patience, as it takes time to train them.
  • Birds mess very quickly, increasing your task to clean the cage all over again.


  1. Fish: Fish can be a great option when you like to keep the home calm and non messy. A fish tank can sooth the eyes so much and that’s the reason why everyone likes to have fishes included in their family. Also:
  • Fishes are good when your kid is calm and like watching without any worries.
  • They require the least maintenance as you just have to clean their water and that too not so frequently.

However, you need to be careful before making a decision because:

  • Fishes need to be observed on their diet and require right type and right amount of food.


  1. Hamsters: This little and mischief animal is always full of energy. They are true fun and very much loved. Having hamster can be great idea as:
  • They are very cute.
  • Having a hamster can make you kid more responsible and caring person.
  • They keep your home and you all energetic with their antics.

This cute creature can trouble you as:

  • They stink; and the stink is sometimes unbearable.
  • Frequent cleaning is a must.

     6.  Guinea Pigs : Not so common, yet very much loved by many people, this little critter can be a good option to be adopted as :
  • You can handle them easily.
  • They rarely bite
  • They are very smart and respond to the daily activities of your kids so promptly.

Before getting them home, know this:

  • They require more space and cannot adjust in small places.
  • They do not prefer being alone hence you always need to be around.
  • They require healthy food and especially they need food full of vitamin C.

  1. Mice : Mice cannot be your favorite for some reasons , but they can be a good choice for being adopted. Here is why:
  • Do not need much care or attention.
  • Your kids will find them entertaining in activities and the noises that they make.

Mice are not always pleasing because:

  • They make noise even in the night, disturbing your sleep.
  • They can damage other households if kept open.


  1.   Rabbits: Rabbits are second most loved pets; of course the love for dogs is greater! Rabbits are very cute and make you awe with their activities.

Having a rabbit is great as:

  • They are very playful and cute.
  • Your kids will love playing with them so much
  • They will keep your active all the time

Rabbits are not easy to handle as :

  • They seek constant attention from you.
  • Their cages need to be cleaned regularly.

  1. Turtle: Turtle being the calm creature, teaches your kid patience. This is the most preferred reptile for taking home.
  • Turtles are good to be observed and they are harmless.
  • Turtles have a long life span and hence can be your family member for so long.

Turtles can be great for being a pet, but :

  • You need to accept them for years and years.
  • They are not a good choice if your kid is not 5 years old at least as they may cause salmonella.

  1. Ducks: How can you forget these delightful creatures? Yes! Ducks do make a good pet.
  • Watching the ducks playing is real treat to the eyes.
  • They are beautiful and intelligent.

Before getting ducks home, Please keep in mind:

  • You should not keep one duck, they need company.
  • They can be messy, so be ready to clean them up.

Having pets at home is no less than a blessing, as they cheer up overall atmosphere of your home. However, pets need intensive care and hygiene becomes so important because your kid is involved and it’s necessary to be cautious when it comes to their care and proper hygiene.

If any pet is given some love, care and attention, they will love you more than you do.


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