10 Rapid-Fire Ways To Market Your Blog

Easy Blog Marketing

1. Write Relevant Content

Firstly, Know your audience, understand their problem points, and clear your niche properly in your mind to start writing content. That is appropriate and interesting to them.

2. Create Content Regularly

You need to be consistent and regular in producing content for your blog.  That may consider like monotonous but If you actually know your audience, In a week, you can easily write at least one or more blogs of their interest.

3. Share on Social Media

Share your new blog post immediately to all of your social media accounts.  Everything you publish should be published there proudly.  If you won’t share with people, how would they know your new published blog.

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4. Share New Posts to Your Email List

After publishing an article, jot down a blurb and link it to the blog post.  Add this post to your autoresponder.  This will bring more return viewers to your website and encourage them to Share to their friends, relatives etc. on social media.

5. Add Content Upgrades to Build Your Email List

Strongly recommended technique is offer more information by a link.  Normally, it’s a downloadable content, such as a checklist or Cheat sheet that needs an email address to receive. Yes, every blog post has an opportunity to add content upgrades.

6. Participate in Your Niche Community

Participate in all communities same as your niche. It is because of people interest and curiosity.  You will get targeted audience by these communities.

7. Make New Contacts Every Day

Find the people who will be interested and reach out to them.  It’s very beneficial to network and build new contacts every day. Target on specific contacts, just not anyone.

8. Pull Their Heart Strings

Connect your audience on an emotional level for more return viewers.  Topic doesn’t matter, if you show love, care, joy and sadness as connecting on a new level.

9. Create Headlines That Perform Well

Strongly important thing is your headlines. Don’t try to play readers into clicking and then showing a blog about something completely irrelevant to the headline or subject line.  So, Work hard and search a good and keyword-rich headline makes your readers interested to click through.

10. Add Stand-Out Visuals

Post Look is as important and the headline. For enhancing the message look, add visuals which can draw attention to the post illustration.  Use some of your own images and don’s always use stock image as it is: crop them , add colors and make it interesting.   Don’t forget to name the image by the post subject.



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