About Us

What is the purpose of  #WordPressPromo ?

General web visitors can browse, search and read quality and informative articles on a wide range of article’s categories. #WordPressPromo allows writers/authors to submit their articles to the directory for publishing, and publishers/webmasters to search the directory for quality articles.

#WordPressPromo is created with an initiative to help global writers/authors as well as publishers/webmasters to succeed online by promoting their blogs/ articles and their businesses.  It serves as a success rendering platform to people around the world, who are great writers/authors, publishers, and blog lovers. The best part is that it’s completely free of cost.

All the novice bloggers/ newbies, experienced bloggers, and blogging-website holders are welcome to work with #WordPressPromo.

When you try to succeed in anything you do in life, you need to make concentrated efforts to make your tomorrow more brilliant than today.  We try to achieve this goal through our website #WordPressPromo.  Our motivation is to make others feel the same way about their situation. We want your tomorrow to be better than today.  A brighter day is always ahead for all of us.

It’s very rewarding as there is a huge traffic on our website and a lot of people will read your work.  We also do paid-promotions free of cost for high-quality blogs or content. 

The Process for Bloggers

All the writers/authors who are starters/ newbies, experienced bloggers, freelancers as well as publishers can work on #WordPressPromo.

If you can write and conduct research well, you can become a blogger. If you consider yourself a decent writer then you can always monetize this skill.  What we love about blogging is that you can choose the niches you want to write on. 

It is very rewarding as there is a huge traffic on our website and a lot of people will read your work. You’ll also learn a lot in the process like communicating your ideas while writing and even about the topic for which you thought, you already knew well when you started.

First make/create an account on wordpresspromo.com then fill your profile page and you have to submit your biographical information or introduction, a paragraph or two, summarizing your niches and Interests & why it matters to our readers. Soon your introduction will start appearing on a profile page with your Snap.  After that, make/create your unique blog or do submission so that our editors can provide feedback and guidance directly to you by emailing.  

Then our team members will impart your Blog/Article a style, structure, and format. After that, we make sure that your submitted article is published with monetization. You can send us a mail if you want some major changes in your write-up. In this case, our team will review it and if they find that the changes are relevant, they will definitely modify it.

What we Publish

Blogs should have a strong voice, should be bold, interesting & human.  Should have a purpose & should offer a clear argument – not just a list of tips & tricks. The blogs must be supported with convincing arguments, not just opinions, fact-checked, and sited with sources where appropriate.  Blogs must be written with an audience of professionals and educated people, in mind. In short quality content must be rendered. 

We publish articles of 400- 2500 words, depending on subject complexity.  1500 is the average word count for articles.  Blogs often run with a custom illustration.  Articles must be casual in tone as well as in-depth for tutorials and posts. They must be well structured and edited.  The articles should be written after a proper exploration of current and cutting-edge topics in the web industry.

Here’s what happens after you hit send

An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit to be published on our site. If they find so, our whole team will review and discuss it. Then we will let you know if we want to accept it.  We’ll schedule it for publication as soon as the review is complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is almost ready to go live.

Benefits of Writing on Our Platform

People who are wondering why they should choose our platform to submit their articles then, here we are giving some benefits which will help you to understand the importance.

  • Promote your services  –  We at this side work to promote your writing services. As we know, for your writing work, promotion is very important to earn the profits. You submit your article and we will help to promote the best articles for you.
  • Connectivity –  We give the high connectivity to your article as your article/stories will be published by a good company as well as thousands of experts will give you editorial integrity.
  • New Venture  –  The writer can also get new joint venture partners. This is possible if you submit your article on our site as then, you are introduced with the venture via your article.
  • Traffic  –Just because your article is floating on our website, you will get the continual level of traffic on your website. All you need is to spend some time and day by day you will get traffic on your website as well.
  • Opportunity to publish in the newsletter  –We as a publisher choose the most relevant articles from our website for publication in the email newsletter which ultimately will increase your popularity. The more people will read our newsletter the more publicity you can get.
  • Equity and exposure  – we help to build brand equity. you can get many new exposures every time.
  • Credibility  –We give the guest writer full credibility. We give you the benefit of credibility and trust building that we earn in the market. We never take credit for your work as visitors can directly connect to you.
  • Highest Niche  –The article you will submit on our platform will be sent to at least 400+ niches regularly. We have email alerts that will notify our only permission-based email list members. Whenever you will submit a new article then, they will notify and the target audience of your website will increase.
  • Recognized as an Expert Author  –When the article is accepted by us then, you will know as the expert author. We will add prestige to your work and you will be followed by many as the expert writer. This is the unique platform which gives every aspiring writer and fresher to try their hand in writing as we give the feedback to you.
  • Free Ads  –Every time when publishers come to our site to pick up the article for the newsletter, you will get free ads in their newsletter.  It will depend on your quality as the better quality article will get more ads or distribution.

Thanks for giving your precious time to read completely.