Terms of Service for Authors/Writers

  • With the submission of articles, you clearly indicate that you are the sole owner of these articles as an author or writer and you have 100% copyright to the articles
  • When you submit the articles, you are unconditionally allowing us to publish your articles on our website, blogs, posts, media channels, feeds, email alerts, publications, newsletters etc.  Allowing other publishers to read, access or print your articles for free.
  • There is no limit for you to submit articles. You can submit as many articles as you want.
  • Our primary motive is to publish only quality articles. Thus, we can not ensure if your articles will be published or not. If we find the quality of the articles to be unsatisfactory, we may not publish them.
  • We own the right to edit your articles in all the ways to make it better before publication.
  • We own the right to remove the articles from our website as and when we want to.
  • We own the right to publish advertisements on the same page where your content is posted.
  • You take the responsibility to send the resources of your content in the author resource box.
  • You understand that you can not publish press releases, self-promotional articles, and sales letters.
  • You can not submit private label articles.
  • You cannot submit the articles which have the content of public domain.
  • We may have hyperlinks to further websites. If you click on them and access them, we are not at all responsible for it.  It is your choice.
  • We offer you the privilege to submit the same articles many more websites as and when you want to.
  • The terms of services may be revised at any time and you have to agree to all the revisions as well.
  • If you breach any of the terms as mentioned, your authorization here will be clearly cancelled.
  • This is the entire agreement before you begin with our platform and you are liable to each one of it.
  • You are the sole responsible person for the content and material you submit on our platform and we hold no responsibility.