This setting prevents you from using the sweet Message effects in iOS 10

iOS 10 is a big release — it’s packed with tons of new features, some more useful than others — but the most notable one is, no doubt, the revamped and turbocharged Messages app.

But, there’s one thing you should know if you find yourself unable to activate new iMessage features like the fullscreen and bubble effects.

As I discovered while reviewing iOS 10, if you’ve got Reduce motion turned on (Settings > General > Accessibility), you will not be able to use these features, activated by long pressing on the ↑ send button.

By default, starting from iOS 7, iOS ships with Reduce motion turned off. The setting was introduced to reduce the motion sickness. some users (like me) have when looking at the 3D parallax wallpaper effect on the home screen and the zooming in on folders. I much prefer the transitional fade animations with Reduce motion turned on over the nauseating zooming effects.

When you go to switch on Reduce motion, the setting makes no mention of turning off the new Message effects:

Reduce the motion of the user interface, including the effect of icons.

An Apple spokesperson clarified to me Reduce motion reduces animations on a system-wide level.

So if you have Reduce motion turned off and you’re long pressing as hard as you can on the ↑ button in Messages, you might want to Reduce motion off.


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