Daily 500 Calories Intake Challenge

Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Daily 500 calories intake challenge/diet plan for weight loss

Want to lose weight? Want a permanent solution for those extra calories? You might have tried hundreds of diet foods, exercise, and plans. But you might have failed to gain proper results. To be honest, weight loss meal plans can be super complicated when you put everything together on your own from online website or magazines. One must make sure to follow the diet plan offered by the nutrition or dietician. Whether you follow a 500 calories intake per day plan or 1,200 calories intake per day, using virtual schedules or simple diet tips can help you reach your goals and these can help in decreasing your weight gradually.

Now we will understand what is a 500 Calorie diet?

Those who aim to reduce 500 calories per day eat only 500 calories per day. 500 calories per day constitute almost 3-5 pounds and it sounds good. 500 calories are almost quarter part of the adult food and one can make the diet plan easy. Daily 500 calories intake diet is also known as very-low-calorie diets (VLCD). One must intake the same with a doctor’s prescription. Doctors may recommend a 500 calorie diet to assist people in tackling obesity in an efficient way.

Five things one should consider:

A person must consider the below things before following a 500 calorie diet without a doctor’s prescription.

  1. Chance of nutritional deficiencies: Consuming at least 500-700 calories per day may raise the risk of deficiency of nutrients. Specific people can face a higher risk. Older adults if following the 500 calorie diet plan may face certain issues.
  2. Possibility of gallstone: Though diet is actually good for health, it may raise the health issue related to the gallstone. Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder and these can block the bile duct and cause abdominal pain. Fasting periods, excessive dieting, obesity, pre-existing gallstones and much more.
  3. Lack of healthful fats: Fats contain ample calories and it is difficult to eat enough while following the 500 calorie diet plan. Unsaturated fats are also beneficial for the body. A low-fat diet also increases deficiencies of Vitamin E and other vital nutrients.
  4. Doctor supervision: During implementing the 500 calorie diet plan, one has to take doctors permission. Moreover, there is a little risk of nutritional deficiencies.
  5. Costly plan: A 500 diet calorie plan can be costly and foods related to the 500 calorie diet are costly. Most diet plans also suggest weekly consultations of the doctor.

Now we will note down the foods to eat on a 1500 Calorie Diet. When implementing the lose weight and better food habits, its important to choose the whole and healthy foods. Even though sometimes a self-treat is extremely important but most of the foods include:

  1. Starchy vegetables: These include potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains, butternut squash and many more.
  2. Fish and shellfish: Sea Bass, Salmon, Clams, Cod, Shrimp, Sardines, Trout, Oysters and lots more.
  3. Plant-based protein sources: Paneer, Tempeh, plant-based protein sources and many more.
  4. Whole Grains: Oats, brown rice, farro, quinoa, bulgar, barley, etc
  5. Healthy Fats: Avocados, olive oil, unsweetened coconut, avocado oil, coconut oil and many more.
  6. Dairy products: Full fat or reduced fat yogurt, kefir, and full-fat cheese.
  7. Unsweetened plant-based milk: Cashew nut, hemp milk, almond, and coconut.
  8. Seasonings: Garlic, turmeric, oregano, chili pepper, black pepper, salt and lots more.
  9. Non-calorie beverages: Sparkling water, water, green tea, and coffee.
  10. Fruits: Apples, berries, citrus fruits, grapes, bananas and many more.

One must ensure to eat plenty of fiber-rich foods and protein-rich foods in every meal. Research shows that high proteins and high fiber foods are very useful for losing excess fats.

Foods to Avoid:

If implementing the 500 calorie diet plan, one must make sure not to consume extra sugar and other junk heavy foods:

  1. Fast Food: Chicken, fries, hotdog, pizzas
  2. Added sugars: Sugary snack bars, candies, baked goods, table sugar, agave and many more.
  3. Refined carbs: White bread, sugary cereals, bagels, white pasta, corn chips, crackers and many more.
  4. Processed Foods: Packages foods, boxed pasta dishes, cereal bars and many more.
  5. Fried Foods: Potato chips, doughnuts, mozzarella sticks and lots more.
  6. Sweetened beverages: Fruit juice, soda, flavored milk, energy drinks, sweetened coffee and many more.
  7. Diet and low-fat foods: Diet bars, low-fat chips, ice cream, diet frozen meals, low calories candies and lots more.

With these tips, one must make a regular time table for diet for self. Things one can include in the breakfast are an egg, avocado toasts, healthy yogurt bowl, mozzarella wrap, oatmeals, peanut butter, and banana toast with eggs, breakfast smoothie, and lots more, whereas lunch should include tuna salads, on-the-go chipotle, and so on.

Moreover, in order to lose weight, one must follow a certain weight loss tips such as one must be aware of the calorie intake, eat whole and healthy foods, be more active and do exercise and works, one must ensure not to be obsessed with the weight issues and lots more.

Bottom Line:

No matter how much weight a person wants to lose, cutting the extra calories and significantly increasing exercises is the great key. 500 diet calories intake plan fits the needs of many who want to lose the weight, fat and improve their overall health. One must include whole and unprocessed foods. These are valuable tips to lose weight fast.

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