Does Your Child Has A Screen Addiction or Tech Addiction

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These days many youngsters are addicting to #TechDevices at a very early age of 2 or even younger.  Many parents are sharing their kids, iPads and tablets.  Too much #ScreenAddiction or device time can effect the development of social skills and communication. It can lead to long term physical effects with slow brain development and related issues.

Previously i read a news about a lowa teen. That teen ran away from home when his parents took away his mobile.  After 5 days, a 13-year-old was found  dead as reported by major outlets.

No-one will ever know, what actually happened with the child and what truly caused the death.  It could have many factors.  But one of the main cause was taking away his cellphone and an argument between the child and his parents.

What is technology addiction/ digital addiction/ internet addiction/ or screen addiction

#InternetAddictionDisorder (IAD) also known as problematic internet use or pathological internet use is generally defined as problematic, compulsive use of the internet that results in significant impairment in an individual’s function in various life domains over a prolonged period of time. In easy words, the obsessive use of mobile devices, the internet or video games, despite negative consequences to the user of the Technology. It may also be denoted by digital addiction or internet addiction. This definition is based on

What are the symptoms of Technology Addiction?

The signs of Screen Addiction Disorder involves both physical and emotional problems/ disorders. The emotional Symptoms of Internet Addiction disorder shows the signs of
  • Depression
  • Dishonesty
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of Euphoria when using the Computer
  • Inability to Prioritize or Keep Schedules
  • Isolation
  • No Sense of Time
  • Defensiveness
  • Avoidance of Work
  • Agitation
  • Mood Swings
  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom with Routine Tasks
  • Procrastination
Physical Symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder may include:
  • Backache
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Poor Personal Hygiene
  • Neck Pain
  • Dry Eyes and other Vision Problems
  • Weight Gain or Loss


What are the major effects of Internet Addiction Disorder?

Someone, who is going through this disorder, can ruin work life, school life, personal relationship or even finances.  Internet addicts can have trouble developing new relationships and social withdraw, because they feel comfortable with online environment rather than physical one.

1. Addicts can’t control their screen use

If parent tries to limit the screen time, their kids feel irritate and can create a scene , this could be an issue. If child has trouble stopping to use devices, the researchers name this “unsuccessful control”.

2. Lack of interest in other activities

Check, If your child is not interested in books, toys and sports,  only enjoys the laptop, tablet or internet. They might be too invested in screen use.

3. Constant distraction by technology

The internet and technology constantly direct our thoughts, our actions and our lives through informational space.  This is the main cause of lack of concentration. How often are you diverted from a task by the seductive lure of your mobile phone? And does it matter?

4. Constant Talking about ‘screen time’

Your child always talks about screen time watched programs.  Your kid is engaged with the device plays, games or cartoons thoughts, even when he is not on device.

5. Their tolerance is increasing

If your child watches Youtube for 30 minutes each day after school. But now he start asking you the phone on the way home from school. That means his tolerance is on rise.

6 . Preoccupies their thoughts

If, even when your kid isn’t playing video games, he’s talking about them, wondering what his favourite YouTuber will post next, or acting out scenes from Angry Birds, this could be a sign of screen addiction.

7 It interferes with socializing

Does your child use a device to the dinner table?  Engaging at his tablet while his family members or anyone tries to make conversation?  Thus the screen time is problematic if it interferes family activities. 

8. A screen is their mood booster

If your child feels unexcited and low in all activities and study. But needs a TV show or game to feel better.  It is a sign of screen addiction.

9. Screen use causes serious family problems

Have you had any arguments Or behavior problems related to something they’re watching? This could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship with screens.

10. Withdrawal symptoms

In kids, Mood and behaviour changes can be noticed when devices are departed.  when desired device or object obtained, feelings associated with withdrawal are automatic lift up.

11. Problematic behavior when unable to access digital devices

Kids look upset, anxious and depressed if they are unable to access their cell phone or any device?  And then they become calmer after getting their devices back.


How to help your kids with their technology addiction and how to stop screen addiction? 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. While technology has become a part of our lives, it’s not too late to show our children that there are plenty of other ways to have fun other than being cooped up inside the house with a gadget.

Here are some creative and effective ways to keep your child off gadgets:

Today, we will discuss five helpful hints to reduce tech dependency to be fit physically and increase healthy conversations.

1. Give infants blocks and toys, not devices

Good toys will engage a child’s senses. Ignite their imaginations. Let them explore. Encourage them to interact with others. Babies will grow with the idea of exploration of object permanence and cause. It effects relationships. They also need some objects like blocks to build motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

2. Parents need to set a good example

Young ones always copy their parents.  If you are using your phone or device, kids curiosity become more bigger, to know and see that device. Society and life demands are rugged but Parents need to stay away their devices and communicate to their kids.  Always have device free dinner and later. Play with your kids any board games or other activities that motivate them to communicate.  Official messages can always be replied after the kid has gone to bed.

3. A flip phone is better than a smartphone

A flip phone engages in more communication, and prevents internet access and app use. If you must avail your child a phone because your child lives home alone and you don’t have landline. You need to communicate your kid, a flip phone is adequate.

4. Check your child’s friends follow the device free policy   

If you want to plan playdates, sleepovers, and social outings… Check the friend’s parent for does they allowing devices?  Don’t allow your child to bring devices to friends house. If they set a device free policy. If you must reach your child, get the parent phone number to contact your kid.

5. Enforce screen time limit and block content

You must educate yourself regarding the best apps to block content and enforce screen time limits,etc. Technology and apps have great tools if used wisely.  Circle, and Bark apps works good and set an example of this contest.

6. Don’t make the gadgets accessible

One reason why kids spend so much time watching TV or playing video games is because they’re readily available. Keep your phones and tablets in a place that’s not accessible to your child and impose limits on the TV, computer or game consoles.

You can give him 1 hour of TV a day, or he can only play video games during the weekends.

7. Change his routine

The goal is to make your child understand that his free time isn’t synonymous to screen time.  Play new fun activities with them so that they could turn into hobbies like painting, playing a sport or reading books.

8. Bring your child outdoors

It could be as simple as playing with other children at the park or planning a family camping trip.  The outdoor fascinating things are good for sensory play. It is kids center of attraction and it will encourage the child to learn and explore things that he doesn’t normally see around the house.

9. Keep things exciting for your child

This may sound overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple because it doesn’t take much for kids to be happy. If you feel that he’s bored with an activity that was previously his favorite, it means that you need to introduce new ones. It’s also ideal to involve yourself in these activities as much as you can.

Kids want nothing more than to play with you, and if they often do, they’d choose that over a gadget any time.

These effective ways help your child to be off gadgets. Sooner or later he’ll surely be gadget-free with your constant efforts.


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#TechnologyAddiction / #DigitalAddiction / #InternetAddiction / #GameAddiction/ Or #ScreenAddiction

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