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Top 10 Zero Figure Tips / Weight Loss


Are you health conscious?  Have you gained needless weight?  Are you tensed about not getting a zero figure?  Well, these questions are recurring on your minds everyday.  You must be in a deep thought that how to reduce the weight as soon as possible.  Well, not to worry.  We are going to note down several useful weight loss tips that can help you to gain faster results.  Lets see those tips.


  1. Drink water, especially before meals:  Do you practice drinking water before meals?  If no, start drinking. This is because drinking water before meals can help in boosting the metabolism by 30% within 1.5 hours which will later burn off more calories gradually.  Studies show that drinking almost 1.5 litres of water before 30 minutes of meal will significantly help one to reduce weight fast.
  2. Eggs as breakfast:  You read it right.  Eggs help in reducing the weight fast.  It provides several proteins and daily consumption is recommended by doctors.
  3. Black Coffee:  Studies reveal that coffee helps in boosting the metabolism by 10-11% and this further helps in burning out the excess fat upto 30%.
  4. Green Tea:  Just like coffee, green tea is another beneficial element that will help a person to reduce weight gradually.  Green tea contain little amount of coffee and other powerful antioxidants that fasten the fat burning.
  5. Try Intermittent Fasting:  Yes. Intermittent fasting is a perfect eating pattern which people        practice during periods of fasting and eating. The fasting helps a person to reduce the muscle mass and lowers the calorie gradually.
  6. Use smaller plates:  Having meals in smaller plates will help a person to gradually reduce the weight. This therapy is the best if a person is overweight.
  7. Keep healthy food in the goodies:  You read it right. Keeping healthy foodstuffs in the goodie can prevent a person from consuming something unhealthy.  Keeping healthy snacks together means keeping nuts,  whole fruits,  yogurt and many others together.
  8. Spicy food: Yes spicy foods can help a person to reduce weight. Take an example of chilli pepper that contains capsaicin which helps in boosting the metabolism and appetite slightly. These help in reducing weight but must be taken in limited proportions.
  9. Lift Weights:  Yes, lifting weights can help you to reduce weight significantly and helps in reducing the muscle loss. Lifting heavy objects can keep metabolism high. Hence, reduces the weight too.
  10. Fibre and vegetables:  Studies show that fibre and vegetables can help a person to reduce and maintain weight. Since these contain high fibres and consuming direct fibres can help in maintaining weight.

There are also more tips such as chewing food more and slowly,  getting good sleep,  eating more proteins, reducing the sugars and many more. These are just not tips but methods that can help you to loose weight fast. So what are you waiting for? Add these tips into your diet, follow it and be slim to look flawless and wear your favorite dress today.

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