How do i submit an article?

First of all “Sign Up” to create your account. Once account is approved by admin, you can start your article writing & posting.

  1. Sign into your author account.
  2. Click on “POSTS” and then go to “New Post” Option.
  3. This is where u will begin writing your article.
  4. After finishing the writing, If you want to revise it again, “Click the button Save Draft”.
  5. If everything is set and properly revised for publishing then Click the button “Submit for Review.”
  1. Fill all the sections of post writing form.
  2. Check Readability analysis
  3. Add & check focus keywords
  4. Select one or more categories.
  5. Add Tags related to Article.
  6. Add featured image because it is an article display image.
  7. Other options are also there if you want to use.