Does Fairness Cream Really works?

Fairness Cream business in India


Fairness cream business is the booming business in India that is largely governed by various factors.

Does Fairness Cream Really Works?

The fairness creams block sun rays and prevent secretion of Melanin, which gives the dark colour to the skin. So in effect fairness cream reduces tan, prevent the skin from getting darker by preventing melanin secretion; but fairness creams cannot change a person’s natural skin color

Some of the cons and ethical issues related to advertising Fairness Cream is given below-

  1. Our typical orthodox cultural mindset and our obsession to have fair skin regardless of our natural skin colour by birth. This obsession has seeded because of the insecure society in our minds.
  2. False marketing gimmick that promises whitening skin in 14 or even less days.
  3. Branding promotion done by film stars who never uses the same cream in their life for onscreen glow but still ignore their responsibility towards public for endorsement money.
  4. Fairness cream product exploits the very basic sentiment of Indian society where being fair is directly proportional to being beautiful and Fair girls will have higher chances of getting married. According to the ads, success in career along with public attention for both men and women depend on fair complexion.
  5. These fairness products provides false claims to the consumer and make the people believe that they can change their skin tone or provide “skin lighting” by mere use of some chemical ingredients.

Advertising Impact

  • In addition, Fairness cream marketing ads show darker skinned people as unhappy, depressed, or unsuccessful in their carrier or job.   which is setting up a very wrong notion in front of our children and youth.  Sometime, these product associates skin colour with some particular socio-economic class, ethnicity or community.
  • These products have started their movement to next level by having a sub category targeted specifically for men. These ads usually show that men too have secret desire to be fair skinned, a desire that they cannot express but the advertiser know.
  • In addition, the advertised fairness cream appears as the cure of all problems to take away the boy/girl from failure, loneliness, and depression.
  • Undoubtedly, It is  unethical to portray a constructed notion as common sense, to pose the normative as normal.

Pros Of Advertising Fairness Cream

There is no Pros of advertising Fairness cream in my opinion.  Skin cream that helps to keep skin healthy, removes aging effects and Sun screen are acceptable with correct advertising message. The fairness cream particularly are not doing any good to the consumer and only adding to the insecurities in our mind.

Hence, we can conclude that companies need to advertise responsibly with fairness cream products. The idea of using the Indian consumer’s insecurity and belief for their business advantage is unethical. This will be harmful for our upcoming generation who will be fighting with challenges related to discrimination regarding skin colours.

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