Make This Monsoon/ Rainy Mood With These Magnific Fashion Tips

Monsoon/ Rain + Comfort + Fashion = Yes It Exists !!!


Who doesn’t love monsoon / rainy season?  A season of romance, natural beauty and rains. The time when god seems to bless the earth with the most beautiful and mesmerizing climate.  A cup of tea with a plate of fritters is so tempting in the monsoon that we wait for monsoon and this delicacy round the year. However, monsoon can make your life a bit clumsy because of the rain and the mud that is waiting to make your dress dirty at every step. Walking on the streets is both pleasing and irritating at the same time. In monsoon, your comfort takes on your fashion sense and you end up wearing something that is just comfortable.  And how about fashion buds?  No… You can give up on your fashion just Because of monsoon.  Enjoy this beautiful whether bring beautiful with some great fashion tips:

You need a right pair of shoes:

Footwear is something that helps you making a good fashion statement.  Footwear is the first thing that someone notices and calculates your fashion sense.  Needless to say how important it is to get a good pair of shoes. However, the streets restrict your choice in monsoon. All you need is a pair which is comfortable and non slippery.  Choose your comfort but make a fashionable choice.  You can not underestimate the style of flats & ballets. You can opt for a waterproof ballet or cute rubber slippers. These cute and comfy flats will make you look chic and of course you will look fashionable without those pumps & high heels.

Lighter clothes – lighter you:

Stick to lighter fabrics this monsoon. Avoid denims and heavy fabrics as they may cause you humidity and if you are drenched in rain, forget your denim to dry quickly.

Instead, opt for pure cotton, Chiffon, Georgette and silk.  Avoid transparent clothes as they might be lighter but they may stick to your body when drenched and you will never want so… right!

Choose what to wear wisely:

Choose your comfort but do not let your fashion at rest. Make your way to stylish A-line dresses, knee length skirts and cropped bottoms. Khadi and cotton sarees can be a great option for comfy & stylish look.

You can pair a straight kurta with cropped bottoms. Ankle length pallazo and cotton kurta can be a good choice. Give a try to the layering this monsoon. Adding layers to your outfit will look great while making you comfortable. Pair your favourite T shirt with lightweight jacket and see how you can look glam in the T-shirt. Also, if you get wet, you will have an option to remove your jacket without having to tolerate that wetness on your body. A chic rain coat is also not a bad idea. Grab a rain coat that is cute, chic and doesn’t spoil your look.

Right colours are the key:

Say a short goodbye to the light shades, pastels and whites.

Add darker colours to your monsoon wardrobe. Opt for colours that can hide those water & mud stains that monsoon throws at you.  Let the dark blues, grey and brown show their magic. If you are bold to try some unconventional colours, mike neon a choice.

Jewellery: less is more for now

Take a break from those metallic earrings that you love to wear. Keep those nice wooden and handcrafted jewellery sets for other seasons.  Make your way to the pieces that don’t trouble you if it starts raining and you are all wet.

Beads & plastic jewellery can be a great option as this will add more colours to you in this colourful season. Also, being light weight & water resistant, you don’t have to worry about the jewellery being drenched.

Do not over accessorise any one piece from necklace, earrings or cuffs will be enough.

Your bag is not just a bag, it’s your saviour.

Once more, give your leather bags a leave & switch to synthetic bags. Canvas and vinyl bags are a great option to go with this season. Opt for a bag which is spacious. Get a bag which lets you keep your umbrella or rain coat in.

Makeup & skincare:

Do not forget to play with your makeup box but choose wisely as you may get yourself wet at any point of time.

Opt for natural makeup & avoid being loud on it. Light shades are a way to go thing in monsoon. You do not have to make much efforts because a light matte lipstick, gel based concealer and a waterproof Kohl will do the magic.

Don’t forget your hair:

Your hair struggle a lot in monsoon. They face humidity, rain water and a lot more. Pamper your hair with a wide comb and give them a regular wash. Use a serum that shield the hair from the dirty water. Do not comb your hair when wet. Include hair massage in your routine and see what magic a massage can do to your hair.

Monsoon/ rainy season is a weather that delights the whole nature. The outings in this season is simply a treat top your eyes and soul. The perfect blend of everything, the heat, the breeze and the rain …. What else is needed?

The trees are greener and the sky is cleaner… monsoon is a true pleasure for nature lovers.  However, there is more fun in enjoying this beauty while being beautiful yourself.

Yes! Monsoon has its challenges. It won’t let you wear your favorite heels. Also, your favorite leather bag doesn’t want to be with you for few days. The denims are no more comfortable those heavy knitted tops are a big No No for now….

So what? Find a way to look stylish and your monsoon or rainy days more beautiful with these tips & be comfortable, fashionable and beautiful altogether. Satisfy your fashion buds with a twist in your dressing. Ditch your regular choice for a while and you are all set to have fun.

So, this monsoon,  Let your soul feel beauty, let your eyes see beauty, let the world see your beauty and  let your fashion be on cloud nine !


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