The Life Of A Content Writer


 Most of the people harbor such notions about the life of a Content Writer. They assume that it’s a very easy task of being a Content Writer. We can write anything we want without following any particular schedule so on and so forth. On the other hand, life on the contrary is just opposite.

A content writer’s life is full of misery that only he can understand. I have met many people around me & when I introduced myself as a Content Writer they raised their eyebrows in a way that made me want to bite their head off.

It’s only me who understands how it feels to write thousands of words a particular topic within few hours which is absolute alien to me. They don’t realize how difficult it becomes to add on SEO words within a blog while maintain the quality & the flow of the post. There are plenty of pain points which I face being a Content Writer that often drive me crazy.

Here is the list of the problems in the life of a content writer:

  • Writer’s Block
  • Lack of productivity
  • Lack of ideas
  • Lack of confidence
  • Looking for efficient jobs/ and or clients

Writer’s Block

It is a condition when the writer loses the ability to produce new work. You may suffer with lack of creative ideas and being able to produce a work for years. Professional writers have also gone through this situation which includes author F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Mitchell.

The word ‘’Writer’s Block’’ sounds exciting to others but not for us who have clients hounding us to submit the specific assignments within deadlines. Yet, we all face this problem and try to deal with it. At times, I just stare at the screen for hours without any reason and wondering of how to begin an article that would make the reader sit up and read it.

There are many drawbacks of being a content writer which I would reveal here so that you feel less jealous of my job and stop giving me those looks. ‘’Writer Block’’ is when you find it very difficult to write. You just don’t get any idea what to write. You are not in a mood and you don’t even know when you will be in a mood.

Steps to Overcome Writer’s Block

It can be very dangerous at times, especially when you don’t know how to deal with it quickly. So, there are some quick solutions of overcoming Writer’s Block.

  • Take some rest. You need to make sure that you are getting adequate sleep.
  • You need to keep on reading about the topics which you have got. You can’t produce without consuming. The same way you need to have a good research.
  • Exercise Regularly, sometimes the main problem with you is being inactive. You won’t be able to focus on writing when you feel lazy. So, exercise is the best way as it puts you in the right frame of mind.
  • Don’t Write, you may experience Writer’s Block because you have been writing for so long that is somehow killing you. So, try not to write for the whole day. Go out there, explore the world and have lot of fun. This will help you to get refreshed & productive at the end of the day.

Lack of Productivity

There are days when I get stress down. Sometimes, we get exhausted. These are the times when I cannot even pen down hundred words.

Lack of Ideas

Sometimes you are very sure that you can write that article, but the main problem rises that you don’t have any ideas or points in your mind. So, I have mentioned below some ways to get rid of this problem.

  • Observes Nature – You can give a look at the nature around you. The trees, or your dog or any other object of nature can give you some best ideas for sure.
  • Read Anything – You can read anything that comes your way. Reading is a cure to lack of ideas. It can give you bunch of ideas. It will help you to generate new ideas.
  • Research – Use Google, Social Media such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and website to ignite some of your own ideas.

Lack of Confidence

This is the major concern for most of the writers. It doesn’t really matter how skilled you are or how much experience you have gained. You won’t go so far until and unless you are not confident of what you have to offer. Being confident is not about knowing that you know your stuff, it’s just about being ready to demand what you are worth for. This profession gives you a great chance to happily demand your worth because you are confident enough that your services will produce good results.

Fear is one the major factor that brings lack of confidence in the life of writers. I have mentioned some fear factors that keep us away from trying and building up confidence.

  • What if this is only client I’ll get in a long while?
  • What if I’m seriously not worth what I’m asking for?
  • What if my service won’t really deliver the expected results?

Looking for Clients

You may face a lot of difficulties while searching for the right clients at suitable rates. Sometimes you get good clients but their rates and salary are unsatisfactory. Other times we don’t like the type of work they are offering but their remuneration is satisfactory to work with. This results in building up tension, and give rise to frustration and you will feel life seems dull and boring.

So, you need to find the right client in order to boost up your career which will show you right path of being a successful Content Writer.

There are few ways in order to get clients or jobs who are ready to treat with the respect you deserve.

  • Look for a service a very few people can offer
  • Look for a group of people or organizations who would need your service.

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