Superfoods And Their Role During Pregnancy

Superfoods And Their Role During Pregnancy

Understanding what kind of foods to eat during pregnancy might confuse many of us, but it is easy to maintain a good diet by making small changes

Getting pregnant and anticipating the arrival of your little one is one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. To ensure all goes well, it is important you get the right nutrition during pregnancy.

I am writing this article because i am having 10 month old baby. I am just passed by pregnancy phase. Diet is most important question in every pregnant lady mind during pregnancy phase.

Pregnancy diet plan

An addition of up to 350  to the regular diet is recommended during pregnancy. Yes, you do not actually have to eat for two because there is only a tiny human growing inside you.

1. Drink lots of fluids which may include water, juices, milk, coconut water, etc.  Always kept in mind to avoid sugar it may increase your weight without any benefit. Some ladies develop diabetes during this phase. Always avoid extra sugar from your diet. Eat Healthy Stay healthy.This is the only mantra throughout the pregnancy.

2. Dairy products: Eat more dairy product like milk, cheese, curd, yoghurt. It gives you calcium most important nutrition throughout pregnancy. It contains less sugar and less carvings on sweets.

3. Fruits– Eat lots of fruits. It helps to get minerals ,vitamins. Many pregnant women having constipation during this time. Eat lots of fruits like apple, pomegranate, orange and many more. Avoid papaya as recommend by doctors.

4. Eat green leafy vegetables more it gives you more fibre and nutrition. Iron is the most important nutrient needed throughout pregnancy as doctor suggest you to take some substitute of it besides that always eat green vegetables the best source of iron.

It is important to eat well to maintain your health and well-being during pregnancy. Moreover, discuss your pregnancy diet with your gynaecologist or nutritionist, to ensure that you are getting optimum nutrition

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