The Fashion Industry & Top Trending Careers

Find a Career in the Fashion Industry Today 

When you think of the Fashion Industry, chances are you are thinking of a very pretty girl in a designer outfit in a poster. Well, we are here to break that barrier for you.

It is not only the fashion designers at a sketch board or models walking down the ramp. There is a lot more careers and people involved that make all of that magic happen for you. So, for you clarity in choosing a career in fashion, you would need to know what are the options for you.

The Fashion Industry and How it Works 

The fashion industry is usually broken up in to four parts. One is the front line, as in the designing. Then you will find the part which is the manufacturing. Then follows the part of marketing and PR. And finally, the end line which is retail sales.

Clubbing all these four integral parts, you get a finished product, a Gucci Bag, or a Louis Vuitton shoe. Not simple anymore is? How do you think, you get those beautiful designer wear in the retail stores?

The designing industry has careers like an assistant designer, component designer, revise designers etc. The manufacturing industries have apparel manufacturers, tailors, textile employees etc. The marketing industry has photographers, models, bill board media buyers and a lot more. Then comes to the retail into where you find merchandisers, planners etc.

The Top Trending Jobs in the Fashion Industry 

If you are looking for a fluent career in the fashion industry feel free to see which one of the below careers suit you.

  • Be a Photographer

This takes a lot of learning. Photography for the fashion industry is anything but easy. With so much domain knowledge and photography training you need to many it may be far fetched. But, you can always try your hands at it, if lights and the camera turns your wheels on.

  • Retail Sales 

A retail sales personnel is actually one of the main characters and positions that get products to retail stores. The major job role involves you learning marketing techniques and getting your products to retail stores. Stacking the retail shelves is not easy but you can absolutely have a flourishing career in it with a proper marketing degree.

  • Visual Merchandiser

Let me make it easier for you. There is a lot more to visual merchandising then just choosing how to arrange displays in a retail store. You get to expert your hands at making sure all your creativity and branding elements are clubbed together. To make sure that every product, every accessory is easily visible to the buyer.

  • Model

This is actually one of the hardest careers to have. Behind all those glitz and glam, there are hours of nutrition diets and a lot of self care to just make sure you are the right size for the ramp. Yes, may sound superficial, but you by now know visual presentation of the apparels needs the right body size or at least publicly voted body size.

  • Be a Pattern Maker B

Do you ever wonder how can one design come out in so many various versions and also, many in amount? Well, pattern makers make that happen. They are the people behind every apparel or product that hits the markets. Giving you options and varieties. Being a professional pattern maker means, you will have a career as long as your creativity and deadlines are met.

  • Branding Expert

Being a branding expert in the fashion industry means, you get to sell marketing ideas that make the most money for the fashion brands. You get to drive the core marketing plans and come up with ideas that sell.

After all once the product is ready how would they know where the best places to sell it is, and which marketing plans work best for their brand. This is where this career in the fashion industry has a long life.

Final Verdict

Well, I hope our article has helped you have an in-depth insight in the fashion industry. Keep watching our space for all the updates and new comings in the industry to find your true calling.


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