Top 10 Educational Websites For Kids

There are too many activities which school going students and kids do in their routine life. They are most excited to do the new and fun doing work. From morning they start their day by waking up and rushing for the school. After coming back from school they take rest then go for the tuition. With this daily like sometimes they don’t have a mood to go out and play. So, they start suffering on the internet.

Little ones are always seeking for something new, knowledgeable, exciting and fun. Primary school students search for the websites which help them in their homework and also have some fun doing activities. Nowadays, education is on the internet.

With the help of educational websites, little ones can do their homework and get some extra knowledge by doing some interactive activities. There are too many websites which are helpful for the kids for gaining knowledge. These websites are created by teachers and professionals.

These websites provide them with knowledge and all fun. They help them to learn more about the world and expand their knowledge over a variety of subjects. It increases your child’s understanding of the entire world. It is difficult for parents to search for quality websites for kids. Now, you just feel relax; we will tell you about the top 10 websites for kids.


Top 10 educational websites for kids are as given below.

  1. Starfall is the largest educational website on the internet. Starfall app has the feature of English language arts, math, social-emotional development and anti-bullying activities. It is an online game app which helps the kids in their daily and school curriculum activities.


This app is featured with great tools of fun and playing activities. Your kids will play with fun and they will also enjoy the way they deliver education. It is the best app for learning activities, books, movies, songs and educational games. It is used in schools to eliminate learning difficulties of children. The cost is $35 for a year.


  1. ABC is the most comprehensive learning website for kids from 2 to 7. It is an early learning mobile app. It has more than 7000 interactive and fun activities which provide knowledge to your kids in a very exciting way. Your kids can read or listen to books and music and play games. It has many thrilling learning activities for children at all academic levels. It makes tracking easy and parents will track the progress of your kid. There is step-by-step independent learning. It is a paid subscription app but it is not expensive. It is just 9.95$ per month.


  1. Cool math games


It is the brain training website which trains your child in maths. It includes cool games which help in brainstorming your child. It provides you with a free additional worksheet which is customized to kids from 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade. It is a safe and entertaining app. Kids will learn math at their own pace in your own environment.


  1. Brain pop


It is the learning app of the individual and whole class education. It helps the kids in history, science, robotics and many more.


  1. National geographic kids


If your kids have any questions about wildlife and about any animal and bird then will help in answering their question in a very interactive way. This website is loaded with information about the world around us. It is full of articles, competition and educational videos.


The best thing about this website is that they updated it with regular information. It is best effective for kids who love to read and learn about the world around them. It is best for kids who are above the age of 10.


  1. PBS kids


Kids play these games online with their friends. Also, they make new friends and know something new and interactive. They can choose their difficulty level and character as per their choice.


  1. How stuff works


If your kids ask too many questions and have the curiosity to know new and more things than app is best to answer their questions. It will be teaching your kid in different and exciting ways.


It is for children above 12 years. It is effective for kids who are working on school projects are searching for stuff to do during the holidays. It is full of interesting facts.




This website is for the babies who watch late night TV and enjoy that. They also know new things and play games and listening to songs as and when they want.


They can access education shows, play games and listen to songs. There is a monthly subscription fee to access the app. The subscription pay fee depends upon the platform which your kid use and what features they plan to use.


  1. is the website you could expect from an educational website. There are hundreds of games, activities and products on the website. The content on this website is of top-quality.


This website is best for all age of kid up-to 13 years. The games are simple and effective. The videos are greatly high-quality production. There is a wide range of books available that they can read directly from the website.


This website offers useful educational content which is highly interactive and interesting. The main thing about this website is that it is free to use. You don’t need to signing up or logging up. You can directly access this website.

  1. Curious world


Curious world website will give your kids access to explore an entire world. It unlocks hundreds of educational games, books, videos and activities upgraded weekly. It emphasize on developing life skills from mathematics and literacy, creativity, executive function and social and emotional skills.


In this app, kids create the ability to increase their mathematics and science reading and writing skills. It has cool features of learning by customizing their subject and also show them knowledgeable things according to their age. It is 100% safe. It is customized to your child’s age. It gives a summary of your child activities, preferences and learning areas.




When you are searching for a website recommended to your children then it is important to know the level of moderating and monitoring on each site. Now, here are the top 10 educational websites for kids which you recommend to your kid. They are easy to use and effective. These websites will enhance knowledge of your child. They will help them with their homework and school projects. There are many activities to do on these websites when your child gets bored.

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