Weight Loss Journey Of Actresses After Delivery

Weight Loss Journey Of Actresses After Delivery



Now a days everyone wants to be slim and trim.  No one wants to be fat and looks perfect whether is a Bollywood star or common people.  Weight loss journey is very difficult for everyone who wants to be look fit.  People do a lot of efforts for weight loss.There are so many videos, articles, fitness center who shares different techniques for diet plan and exercises to follow.  Common people always try to follow famous stars and their diet plans.

Weight loss journey is very difficult for pregnant women after delivery who put 15 to 20 kg during 9 months.  And Whenever a famous woman gives birth,  she faces immediate pressure to get her body back to its pre-baby measurements.

There are different Actress who become pregnant and share their views about weight loss journey.

Kareena kapoor khan one of the most famous actress who didn’t hide from during her pregnancy time.  She gained almost 18 kg during pregnancy.   she said “My aim is not just to lose the weight I had put on. I don’t want to do it overnight. It may take long,   but I want to feel light,  happy and energetic throughout the process.   And that is important,”   Kapoor Khan said.   Kareena worked hard to lose weight,  she is also a firm believer that new moms should be proud of their body, even if it’s sometimes difficult to embrace the changes.   She gave lots of tips and techniques to pregnant woman to get back in shape.

  • Kareena’s weight loss diet included eating foods rich in iron and calcium.  She drank one tall glass of milk every single night.
  • As getting on to a treadmill post-pregnancy is very tiresome,  so Kareena switched to walking. She said walking is the safest exercise post pregnancy.
  • To fight post-pregnancy dark circles Kareena and Rujuta shared a list of food that women should eat. They are ghee (Oil produced by milk),  Baajra (Millet), Olive, Buttermilk, Jaggery, Bread, and other foods high in vitamin B12.
  • Lastly, she suggested it is all about patience.  It is not about losing weight overnight but strengthening your core muscles.

Now talking about Shilpa shetty who  became mother to a baby boy Viaan back in 2012. After her delivery, she remained confined to the house for several months at a stretch.   She said “I didn’t get out of my house for seven months (after the birth of my baby).   After my delivery, I went with my husband for brunch.  There were a few ladies sitting.  They laughed.  I heard them say, ‘She hasn’t still lost her weight’.

  • To regain her muscle strength,  she started cycling and walking after pregnancy.   25 minutes of exercise thrice a week, and 21 days later she started training with weights.
  • One of her secret fitness mantras post-pregnancy was weight training.
  • Shilpa Shetty’s diet plan post-pregnancy included all healthy foods.
  • Her morning started with Amla Juice or Aloe Vera juice and her breakfast comprised of porridge and tea with brown sugar.
  • In lunch, she has dal and vegetables either with brown rice or chapatis made from different high-fibre grains.
  • The last meal of the day includes soup, salad, and chicken.

Becoming a mother is a delight like no other.  It is also a natural, transforming experience that changes your body in many ways.  It is wrong to expect – or for anyone else to expect – that our bodies will bounce back to their old shape after delivery.  Instead, this is a gradual and consistent effort we need to take to start feeling healthy and energetic.

Recently Mira Kapoor give birth to her baby boy. She become mother of 2 children  in a very young age. She said  “I think what’s important is to be a healthy mother. Your child is your responsibility.  You can take your time to lose that weight.  But you need to come to terms with the fact that your body is going to be different for a certain amount of time and it’s not permanent.   After that you can set your goal and say I want to get fit.”

  • Gym workouts 3-4 times a week, which included 3 hours of cardio and 1.5 hours of resistance training.
  • A weight loss secret of this celeb also includes healthy eating in moderation and including foods like skimmed milk, salads, green vegetables and fruits.
  • To keep her skin glowing, she has a handful of walnuts every day.

The actress and television presenter became an epitome of fitness when she managed to shed 22 kgs in just 6 months.  Mandira Bedi’s weight loss after pregnancy was based on a strict, regimented programme.

  • 5 days a week of the gym with circuit training, running and spinning.
  • Power yoga, which helps reduce weight quickly.
  • A healthy breakfast consisting of scrambled egg whites, milk, and fruits.  Check out more celebrity breakfast ideas here;  they are all packed with health!
  • Mandira Bedi’s weight loss diet also Lantils, Bread, Vegitables and no Carb in dinner.

How Kareena and other celeb moms lost weight after pregnancy has more to do with following a healthy diet plan and exercise than anything else. There are no quick ways to shed weight. If you too follow these weight loss ‘secrets’ after your baby is born, it’s only a matter of time before you see the positive results.

Follow these super-moms diet plans and weight loss regimens.  Just make sure that you consult your doctor to discuss when and how to start a diet or fitness plan. Also, make sure you don’t lose heart if you don’t see results quickly. With time and effort, you are sure to bounce back to your pre-baby body. Until then, embrace the present and cherish the joys of motherhood!

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