What’s in Your Water?

For many years it was taken for granted that the H20 coming into our houses from the municipal water supply was the safest, purest water available. And for a long time, tap water really was the cleanest water you could find. But with the advent of new pollutants, not only in our water, but in our soil and air, is it really safe to still drink tap water? Of course, we all hope that our tap water is safe for the sake of both our health and the health of our children. But is it really worth taking the risk?

water damage companyAt Will it kill It and All Natural Air, we understand that you are not willing to risk your family’s health by drinking water that may contain pollutants. As our society becomes more and more industrialized and populated, our environment becomes more and more polluted. Using water filters and purifiers to make our water cleaner and safer is one step we can take in protecting our own health. It’s a relatively small investment that can have a huge return – peace of mind for you and your family.

Too many of us rely on expensive bottled water instead of drinking straight from the faucet. Purchasing H20 by the bottle harms your cause. It certainly does not help with the solution – You can cut down the amount of leached particles that you consume and simultaneously reduce your impact on causing poor water quality. Scientists have shown that it can take decades for plastic to decompose. Even if your family members are avid recyclers, the process of recycling the bottle and the chemicals released via this process contribute to the degradation of our environment, affecting our air, water and soil quality. Not to mention the cost and hassle of constantly buying and hauling around bottles of water!

Our company offers continuous flow carbon block water filters. This Technology, known as Carbon Block Filtering, utilizes the same methods as those expensive purification plants that sell for dollars a bottle. This is not only a great way to ensure your loved ones get pure water, it is also a smart financial purchase. You’ll enjoy countless glasses of fresh, clean water without having to buy bottled water.

Help guarantee your loved ones are drinking H20 that they will enjoy and that their bodies crave. If you cant change the municipal supplies, this this a great option. These products are investments for your loved ones well being and preparation into the increasing contaminants we hear so much about.

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