Why Affiliate Marketing?

So, are you ready for the coolest content ever?

Well, here is why you should be reading this article. It gives you the insight you need to be convinced as to why do affiliate marketing.

Yes! You may be thinking, like ‘How can I do affiliate marketing?’

Well, you can. Here is how. I will basically give you an overview of why you should be doing the best thing right now.

What is Affiliate Marketing anyway?

Imagine actually being able to promote brands and products and in return, the company pays you for every customer you push towards them who performs an action. In a set time frame of course.

Well, that is exactly what affiliate marketing is all about. You get to market brands and products, and if a customer clicks and buys something or performs an action then the brand pays you.

Of course, you have heard of ad blocking. Pretty annoying isn’t it? Affiliate marketing is an effective alternative to that.

There are basically four stakeholders in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. The Company/Seller
  2. The Channel
  3. The Product Publisher
  4. The Direct Customer

It is an extremely simple way if you just pay attention to the tiny details that are.

The Seller/Retailer gives the Product Publisher a track-able link to his/her site. Something that actually directs the customer on its site. The Publisher creatively inserts the link into his/her content. A reader/user/customer drops by on the content and clicks the link. That, in turn, directs them to the retailer’s website. Within a time frame if a customer makes a purchase.

The publisher earns a portion of the product profit. It is actually a very simple chain of events.

Now, so how do you actually get paid in Affiliate Marketing?


There are actually three ways. More than half of the Affiliates work this way, that is the retailer shares a portion of the revenue earned, from the publisher’s link.

Then there is CPA – Cost Per Action. Where maybe the retailer is not selling something tangible. It maybe is a service of some sort. Then the publisher gets paid for every action taken through his/her link.

Then there is finally, the CPC – Cost Per Click method. Where brands and retailers basically just pay publishers for traffic. Every click gets the publisher a certain amount of remuneration.

Why do this?

Because! It is a very successful passive income. Relatively low investment and it is a good alternative with the rise of the ad blocking feature.

The digital world is ever evolving and having to take advantage of this is what makes the affiliate marketing all the more interesting. More and more online buyers and e-commerce websites are looking to gain the absolute upper hand out of all of this.

I mean, just think about Amazon. Even if they have their own affiliate network, there are websites that make money just by compiling amazon links to a particular product and being relevant.

Final Verdict!

Yes! Affiliate Marketing is here to stay because it is shaping the online consumer demand. Opening doors to publishers and merchants all around the world. One of the main reasons, why dabbling your hands at Affiliate Marketing will definitely help.

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